With over 50 years of collective experience running and being active in non-profit organizations the founding partners of DonorTiles know that fundraising is hard and that giving meaningful thanks to supporters to keep them engaged is even harder. Despite all the online tools designed to help organizations raise awareness and money for their critical missions, these tools never worked all that well for the founders, and they believed that there must be a better way. With this in mind they brought together a well-balanced team with backgrounds in innovative high-tech, digital and social media along with financial, legal and creative/design expertise. They are creating an online platform that enables non-profits to turn their supporters into ad hoc development teams via the power of storytelling. And, they are developing new, patentable solutions to provide lasting social impact.

DonorTiles is a 21st century solution to an age-old problem, and there’s a lot more to come.

David Sandal, Founding Partner.
David has always been passionate about community. He’s taken years of high tech business experience and helped many nonprofits refine their business processes to enhance their success. He took a break from his career several years ago to create Give as you Get, an online network that supports the community and nonprofits through non-traditional fundraising. David began volunteering and working with non-profits over twenty years ago. He has enjoyed leading and participating on the boards of numerous organizations across the country.

Prior to DonorTiles, David was an accomplished Operations and Business Manager who managed over $1 billion in revenue generating programs during his career. His background includes: Business and Manufacturing Operations, Marketing, Corporate Communications and Customer Experience as well as extensive program management. David started his career as an officer in the U.S. Navy, involved in both aviation and surface warfare.

David has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska.


Kim Smith, PhD, Founding Partner and Chief Design Officer (CDO).
For several decades, Kim has sought to combine artistic creativity and the Internet to solve the world’s pressing problems. His interest in digital media goes back even further. In the 1980s, while teaching at Texas Tech, he created TV on TV, a project that involved both students and internationally known video artists to produce experimental works that were shown world wide to positive reviews. In 2008 he co-founded the Windows of Wonder Institute (WOWi), a 501c3 organization with the mission to combine the arts, the web, and learning to build and interconnect communities locally, regionally, and globally.

Prior to DonorTiles, Kim was a senior designer with three Fortune 500 computer companies: Tandy, AST and Gateway. He holds 21 US utility patents and in 1999, as Chief Designer for Gateway, received the George E. Clark award for the most valuable Gateway patent that year. Just prior to moving from California to Austin in 2003, he was Director of Interface Technologies at Ceira Technologies.

Kim has an MA in Painting from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Semiotics and Art History from Brown University. He teaches a graduate course in the UT School of Information which features creative problem solving using digital media.


Keith Hajovsky, Founding Partner and General Counsel.
Keith firmly believes that the more interconnected that people and cultures are around the world the better place the world will be. This mindset has lead him into a multifaceted career and a wide variety of international experiences, including volunteering, living, working, and studying in over 50 countries across 5 continents around the globe. Keith’s experiences in working with non-profits in various capacities combined with his background in the high tech industry inspired him to help non-profits leverage technology in their quest to tell their stories and raise funds to do the good work they do.

Prior to DonorTiles Keith spent several years in sales, marketing, contract negotiation and relationship management with high tech companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. He has likewise been a travel consultant, tour leader, travel writer and photographer, and he co-authored a book aimed at helping people to travel more in their lives on limited budgets. His most recent technology-driven accomplishment is an online law firm that enables his clients to efficiently obtain estate planning legal services from the comfort of their homes.

Keith has a BA in International Business and Sociology from The University of Texas, and a JD from Baylor University.


Duane Conder, Founding Partner and Chief Digital Officer (CDO).
Plain and simple, Duane is a storyteller using new, traditional and social media. “Loosely shoot, tightly cut and finish well” is a storytelling mantra Conder developed over a decade ago and still follows to this day. “This adds a level of realism and credibility that just bumps up the story to a higher tier…” he says. Applying this outside-the-venue thinking to Pin4life and DonorTiles is what Conder brings to the development table.

Back in the analog days of the 1980’s, while getting is BA at Texas Tech University, Duane worked with (P4L Founding Partner) Kim Smith on various TV on TV projects and later with him in 2008 with the Windows of Wonder Institute (WOWi). Now, with nearly 30 years experience as a business owner, entrepreneur, director, director of photography, editor and motion graphics designer for many successful film and video projects, Conder is helping take Pin4Life and DonorTiles to the next level of digital storytelling and fundraising.

In addition to his current Pin4Life and DonorTiles work, Duane will still occasionally get hands-on with directing, principle photography, broadcast design, compositing and finishing services for film and video.


Tere McCann, Founding Partner and CFO.
Tere’s involvement with DonorTiles allows him to bring his considerable knowledge and experience in financial matters to bear on developing web-based products to help non-profit organizations reach their funding goals.

On a personal level, Tere is a passionate advocate for youth sports as a vehicle for promoting personal discipline and instilling the spirit of teamwork in young athletes. In addition to having officiated at high school football games for almost 20 years, Tere has held multiple board positions in support of youth sports teams. Tere is also passionate about education and has over the years served on a number of public school evaluation committees. He has three  student athletes of his own.

Since 1996, as CFO at Fringe Benefit Group, Tere's entrepreneurial spirit and integrated role across multiple departments have helped to create a flexible and responsive customer service and support organization. He is largely responsible for many of the departments required to successfully serve and grow the company. Tere approaches problems with a strategic focus and is a proponent of simplicity and consistency.

Tere graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in accounting.